Saturday, March 16, 2013

Enjoying the 2013 NCHBC!

It’s finally here – the National Homeschool Basketball Championships of 2013!  There are 35 states that have homeschool sports – the NCHC will have 25 of those states represented at this years tournament in Springfield, MO!  For 21 years the NCHC has given homeschool athletes a chance to compete against each other in one city, for 1 week, to claim the crown of “Undisputed Homeschool Champion”!  

This tournament has also provided athletes with a chance to prove their talent on the biggest stage in front college coaches and scouts – a chance they rarely get during their season.  The list of athletes who have played in front of college coaches and scouts is quite long, and with the advancement of social media and addition media coverage during the NCHBC 2013, the list will only get longer.

As a 10 year veteran of the NCHC, I have come up with a few “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to help athletes, parents, and coaches enjoy their week and continue to help make this the biggest homeschool sporting event in the country!  This is by no means a requirement - just some helpful advice :-)

§  Do
·         Drink LOT’S of Water/fluids
·         Eat Healthy
·         Support other teams in your programs
·         Meet players from other programs in other states
·         Hang out with your teammates and family as much as possible
·         Watch the great teams play
·         Be crazy awesome when watching teams in your programs play
·         Reflect Christ in all you say & do
§  Don't
·         Stay up late/get up late
·         Be a recluse (get out with your teammates/family)
·         Eat junk food
·         Play dumb practical jokes or pranks
·         Try to dunk if you really can’t dunk
·         Get mad at referees, other players, teams, or fans
·         Anything that could disqualify you from participating
·         Say things on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media sites that scouts can use to cross you off their list
§  Do
·         Encourage your athletes to watch/support other teams in your program as much as possible
·         Check the brackets ALL THE TIME
·         Know where the gyms are and get there as early as possible for games your athletes play in
·         Be crazy awesome when watching teams in your programs play
·         Hang out with other families in your program as much as possible
·         Use creative chants to support your team
·         Reflect Christ in all you say & do
§  Don't
·         Let your athletes stay up late/get up late
·         Be late to games
·         Assume anything
·         Badger referees, other players, other teams, other coaches, or other fans
·         Use chants that are discouraging or degrade other teams
§  Do
·         Check your bracket often
·         Know what games you need to be at and what time you need to be there
·         Carry extra uniforms with you
·         Have all of your parent/players phone numbers
·         Go through your entire NCHC coaches packet
·         Communicate the essentials to your parents/players early and often
·         Meet the NCHC Staff
·         Reflect Christ in all you say & do
§  Don't
·         Assume Anything
·         Expect Tournament Staff to answer your question as soon as you ask it
·         Allow your players/fans to taunt other teams – especially if you are winning big
·         Forget your scorebook
·         Allow frustration to take away from your players experience

All of these items are crucial to making sure your week is the best that it can possibly be, both for your team and your programs.  Greater excitement leads to greater atmospheres, which lead to great games, which lead people to your programs, and scouts to your players!

Do these things and you will have the best sporting event of your life!

See you in Springfield!

Coach CJ
Executive Director – C.H.S.M.

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